NSG Jewellery – Unique and Handmade with love 

Colours, light, sun, sparkle and La Bella Vita! My inspiration and enthusiasm for jewellery was born in Italy where I was invigorating sabbatical leave. There is a touch of Italy in me from my mother's side and it was an extremely nice surprise that I found the love of my life, my “amore”, also from Italy. From this love two beautiful daughters were born as well as the courage to start believing myself and my own dream. Life in Italy is very often on one hand hectic and passionate and on the other wonderfully relaxed. Light, colours, scents and sounds are both soft and strong. Appearance and beauty are important and you should always look good – “Bella Presenza!”

In my colourful, subdued or calm, rich or simple classic jewellery it is possible to sense the hot, bright sun as well as the feeling of warm velvety nights. I like to play with the richness of joyful colours and materials. The diversity of semi-precious jewels, their personal beauty and chrominance are fascinating. In my NSG Jewellery pieces I compose semi-precious stones, sweet water pearls, Murrine, crystal and glass beads together with silver and metal, sometimes also leather. I hope that you will find the perfect feeling both for celebration and for wonderful everyday life from the NSG Jewellery range.


NSG stands for my initials as well as for my first name and my two gems, my daughters Sofia and Greta. And why not Nice, Stunning & Georgeous! Enjoy the  beauty and live in  the moment! Br, Nina